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Thank you to Samantha Rogers and all of the room parents for the outstanding decor and love given during Teacher Appreciation Week! And a HUGE thank you for the parents support of our teachers! Click here to enjoy the "doors"!

tailBOOK FAIR - Fri., May 15th - Thur., May 21st

The Annual Eastshore Book Fair is in full swing, but we need your help to make it a success!  We are in urgent need of volunteers for Thursday, especially the evening hours. If you can spare even 30 minutes, please sign up on our SignUp Genius page or email Dawn Anderson at dawnanderson@iusd.org.  No previous experience is needed.  Thank you!!!

As a reminder, the Book Fair will be open after school Wednesday 1:30-2:30 and on Thursday 6:00-8:00 pm for Open House night.  Online shopping continues through May 27th at 9:00 pm. 

tailSPRING CARNIVAL - Fri., June 5th, Playground

Carnival is coming! This event is our kids favorite end of year activity. Each class is responsible for staffing a booth for the evening. It takes A LOT of volunteers, which translates to we need your help. Young children can tag along as "assistants" if needed. Please sign up for your classes game booth at the following links. We need 8 parents to sign up from EACH CLASS. PLEASE sign up for your shift as soon as possible. It is a super fun way to meet other parents and interact with the kids and teachers.

Amundson - http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040c4badad2daa8-tipthe

Storrs - http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040c4badad2daa8-bottle1

La - http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040c4badad2daa8-7111

McGrath - http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040c4badad2daa8-par1golf1

Shapiro - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-shooting1

Durocher - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-thefrustration1

Lawrence - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-thebig1

Claybourn - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-5pinbowling1

Alexander - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-popcorn1

Sumers - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-cotton1

Larios/Carrasco - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-frisbee1

Chiarini - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-cake2

Naramore - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-cake

Allen - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-cake3

Gibson - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-prize4

Tobenkin - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-prize2

Leschke - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-prize

Compton - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-twin1

Goheen - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-ticket1

Brooks - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BADAD2DAA8-shark1


Thanks to our Advocacy Representative Dawn Anderson for attending the Sacramento Safari! For all interested in the trip, please see the links below:

Talking points regarding Sacramento Safari 2015: click here

Here is the full length report by Shanin Ziemer (who took notes live for 4th district)  with pictures by Bev Berryman.  This captures a ton of information from the two day trip

Fourth District's Advocacy Communicator (monthly newsletter):

CA PTA Advocacy site:

CA PTA positions on current legislation:


California Distinguished SchoolCongratulations to the Teachers, Students, Staff and Parents of Eastshore! Your committment to excellence has made Eastshore an Official Distinguished School! Look for the award in front of the school!


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