Dear Local Business,


We need your support for our Eastshore Elementary School Jog-a-thon fundraiser- The Dolphin Dash. It could be a great advertising opportunity for you. Please help our school get some much-needed new playground equipment and pay for field trips and assemblies. When you donate, we will advertise your business on our social media pages, PTA website, and print your logo on all 500+ student T-shirts we'll be providing for our event. 




$500 Donations = Your Logo on all 500+ T-shirts + our social media will advertise you!


$1000 Donations = Larger Logo on the T-shirt, your business name on our School Marquee sign, your logo on our social media sites & student flyers, and a big high five!


Print Deadline is Feb 16, 2024. Check out our schools PTA website and if you are able, please donate to our page. We can happily take a check or voucher mailed to the address above if you prefer. We'd love your support for our Tk-6th graders! Our run will take place March 8, 2024.


Can’t donate at that level?  Any amount helps! Please donate today on our main fundraising page.


Let’s promote your business, Healthy Choices, and Eastshore kids! 


Please email logos and any questions to:

Thank you for your consideration,


Marianne & Angelique 


Marianne Stewart & Angelique Uram Co-Chairs